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Instructions: Read the following text and work on the multiple choice exercise.

This week at work, I have a lot of tasks to complete. Firstly, I'll focus on finishing my daily work duties, such as writing emails and organizing files. Then, I'll attend our team meetings, which happen every week. During these meetings, we discuss important topics like our progress on projects and any challenges we're facing. After that, I'll spend some time cleaning my desk and arranging my workspace. It's important to have a tidy area to work in, as it helps me stay focused. Throughout the week, I'll also take some time to read through any documents or reports that I need to understand. This ensures that I stay up-to-date with what's happening in the company. Additionally, I'll start preparing for a presentation that's scheduled for next week. I want to make sure I deliver it well, so I'll practice speaking clearly and creating engaging slides. Besides work, I also plan to take short breaks to relax and recharge my energy. Additionally, I aim to support my colleagues whenever they need assistance with their tasks. Moreover, I will make sure to keep track of my progress and adjust my plans accordingly to meet deadlines effectively. Lastly, I look forward to reflecting on my achievements and learning experiences at the end of the week. So, that's my plan for this week at work!