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1.10 Assignment: defining creativity and critical thinking (Kisha M.)

What is?What do they look like in the Classroom?How do You think you can ensure?

How to ensure?

Critical Thinking

In the classroom

How to ensure?

In the classroom


Critical tbinking my Sped classroom, although I'm working as support staff, but when I think about it from the perspective of teacher of record, critical thinking looks like each kid questioning, asking why, expressing curiosity, trying new things to the best of their individuality and capacity.

What does critical thinking look like in your classroom?

Creativity in my Sped classroom, or really in any classroom that I teach, starts with me in creating lessons that spark creativity and having a class environment that looks like allowing students to invent, use their imagination , having flexibility for them to continuously experiment and revise in letting them be themselves academically and social and emotionally too.

What does creativity look like in your classroom?

I think that I can ensure that creativity leads to high quality learning or products because it begins with me, as the teacher, I want to ensure my lessons are creative, and foster an environment that supports the students helping them to or facilitating their desire to produce high quality learning or products.

How do you think you can ensure that creativity leads to high-quality learning or products?

In the Sped classroom, or really in any classroom that I teach I can ensure high qualifty thinking happens by structuring my classroom, lesson plans with high expectations by thinking about reaching that GT student however that looks in my classroom environment.

How can I ensure?

  • Generate experiences with your content.
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  • Make sure your audience remembers the message.
  • Activate and surprise your audience.

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Got an idea?

Critical Thinking is questioning/interrogating, curiosity, inferencing, asking why, and being open to new ideas, or knowing different people have different ideas about morals and word meanings.

What is Critical Thinking?

Creativity is novel, invention, imagination, artisitic, flexibility, and the ability to continuosly experiment and revise.