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let's do this!
  • one pantry
  • one attic
  • one pool
  • one garage
  • one office
  • entrance hall
  • one living room
  • two bedrooms
  • three bathrooms
  • one kitchen
  • one dining room
  • one garden

in this house there is:

the living room:

in this living room there are: one big sofa, a tv, a floor light, a round table, plants, a big window!, a whit carpet , a shelf with some books and some pictures too.

the bedrooms:

in these bedrooms there are: a big bed with pink and whit pillows, three pictures in the wall, a lamp, a bedside table and a dressing table with lights, a shelf and some plants.

the bathrooms:

in the bedrooms there are: a shower, a toilet, a small window, a washbasin, some towels, and a big mirror.

the kitchen:

in this kitchen there are: a cooker, a fridge, a kitchen counter, a kitchen stool, a cupboard, a big window, a houseplan, a dishwasher and some objects like, a kettle, some cups and dishes, a toaster, etc....

the dining room:

in the living room there are: a table, some chairs, courtains, ceiling lights, houseplants and a carpet.

the garden:

u in the garden there is: this is obviously, in the garden there are so much flowers.

the pantry:

in the pantry there are: some shelfes, somepots with food and baskets with fruits and vegetables.

entrance hall



there are:

a gate, a strairs for the house, two cars, and boolcases with tools.

there are:

a pool, two pool umbrella, trhree pool chairs, pool buoys, and some flowers.

there are:

a mirror, a door, a mat, a plant, a rack and a cabinet.

+ info

the attic:

in my future i want to make the attic one place comfortable/cozy, and there will be,a big and confortable sofa, a puff, a round table with some chairs, bookcases with books and decorations, one carpet, one blanket and cushions, and obsiously big windows for the clarity come in

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+ info

in the office there are: a chair next to the desk, a picture, a bookshelf, a computer, a lamp,plants and some books

the office/the study room:



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