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on Dubai

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Hello, so the city I've chosen to talk about is Dubai. This city is in the Persian Gulf region, within the Arabian Desert and therefore has a desert climate.Dubai is the largest city and the most populous emirate among the seven emirates, with approximately 2,262,000 inhabitants.

The official language spoken is Arabic and the US dollar is used as the currency in Dubai.The city flag is distinguished by its colors: write and red.


Cultures and traditions

Poetry is an Arab tradition with roots in nomadic culture, which was used to tell stories, welcome guests, among others. The two most prominent types of poetry are - Nabati and Al-Taghrooda.Nabati folk poetry is simple and direct, while Al-Taghrooda poetry is sung, and the words alternate between two people.

  • But you can also take part in traditional Emirati sports, originating from hunting and survival activities, including falconry, camel racing and equestrian sports.

Traditional sports

  • These days, water sports, motorsports and desert adventures are a big part of the local weekend culture, along with tennis, golf, football and rugby.


One of the most common traditions in this city is the Al-Ayyala folk dance, normally performed during festivals and celebrations. Men hold a cane and dance in lines to the sound of a drum, in order to express unity.


Dubai's laws and culture are directly associated with Islamic tradition. And the best time to get to know Arab culture is during Ramadan, the Islamic holy month. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and when the sun sets they enjoy a meal with family and friends. Ramadan is based on the lunar calendar, with dates varying, and ends with the Eid al Fitr holiday.

The dish has an Indian influence but is widely consumed as one of Dubai's typical foods.

Dubai is a city that offers a wide variety of delicious and flavoursome dishes due to its cosmopolitan location and rich cultural heritage. Here are some of Dubai's most popular dishes that you should try while you're in town:

Originally Knafeh is from Palestine, but Dubai's cuisine mixes with different cultures.

Traditional food


Balaleet is one of the typical breakfast foods. It's a sweet pastry with cardamom, rose water and saffron.


Like a classic pita, Khubz is perfect for filling like a sandwich, especially with fresh hummus and mutabal (the typical eggplant saue).



Arab art

  • Traditional Emirati art is based on Arabic calligraphy, which uses Arabic script to create artistic patterns. Arabesque and Islamic girih geometric patterns are also an integral part of traditional art.

The Al Fahidi Fort, now known as the Dubai Museum, is one of the city's oldest structures and one of Dubai's most popular monuments.

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world at 828 metres.

The Grand Mosque of Bur Dubai is one of Dubai's most emblematic monuments and serves as a sacred place of worship.

Some famous monuments

O Forte Al Fahidi (museu do Dubai)

Burj Khalifa

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