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By Lyla Asmus

My crochet scarf

05 Most Important Lesson

04 Troubleshooting/Obstacles

03 My Process

02 Needed Materials

01 What is Finger Knitting


I chose to crochet a scarf because I love everything croched and think that it is so cute and wanted to make something of my own.

why i chose this topic


WHat is finger knitting?

Finger knitting is a knitting technique where you make a knitted cord by pulling yarn through loops to create more loops. It is a very easy project and can be done almost anywhere.

all about finger knitting


Needed materials

-Yarn (thickness of your choice)-Your fingers-A pair of scissors

List of materials


my process


In this photo, you can see what the slipknot looks like.

In this photo, I am making the loop to begin my slipknots.

On week 4-5, I made my scarf to 50 rows and got it to 5 feet long.

week 3-5 progress

On week 3-4, I made my scarf to 20 rows and got it to 2 feet long.

On week 7-8, I made my scarf to 100 rows and got it to 10 feet long.

On week 6-7, I made my scarf longer by 20 rows, so now it has 70 rows and is 7 feet.

week 6-8 progress

7 feet

Week 5-6

10 feet

Week 7-8

5 feet

Week 4-5

2 feet

Week 3-4

Overall timeline




If you are using the wrong yarn type your scarf might come out being too thin or too thick, but it really depends on your preference.

yarn types

A dropped stitch is where you accidentally skip a loop on your scarf causing a hole in your scarf. If this happens, you will have to rip out all your stitches until you have 4 even loops.

dropped stitches

You want to make sure that your scarf's loop are about the same size to prevent a weird looking, uneven scarf. To avoid this, make sure to check your work after every few rows to make sure that it looks okay.



My second obstacle was dropping a stitch.I did this, and had to rip out all of the stitches until I had 4 even loops again.

My first obstacle was making my loops an uneven size which was making it look bad. So, I had to go back and redo all of the stitches that looked like this.


Most important lesson

I think that the most important thing was to find a new passion or learn a new skill. The most important thing that I learned is that things take time to become the way you want them to and to have patience.

Most important

Try it yourself!

Thank you for listening to my presentation!

thank you