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Male Reproductive System

-decline in testosterone - decline in sex drive- erectile dysfunction - decrease in sperm production - prone to infections

Female Reproductive System

- irregular menstrual cycle- reduce sex drive- lower ability to conceive- depression and anxiety

Nervous System

- breathing/respitory issues (bronchonstriction)- feeling drained and low energy- getting sick often due to a weakened immune system

Cardiovascular System

Acute Stress- increase in heart rate- high blood pressure Chronic Stress- stroke-hypertension- heart attack


-- shortness of breath- rapid breathing- hyperventilation

Gastrointestinal System

Esophagus- change in diet (eat more/less)- acid refluxStomach- pain- bloating- nauseaBowel- diarrhea


- headache- muscle tension- back pain- shoulder, head, and neck pain