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Stress- shortness of breathe - rapid breathing - hypoventalation

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Respiratory system

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Cardiovascular System

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Short term - increase in heart rate - increase in blood pressure Chronic stress - increase risk for heart attack Inflammation in circulatory - differs for women and respirtory system

Gastrointestinal system

Stress- bloating Changes gut bacteria - affects emotions Esophagus - eating much more or less when stressed J- acid reflex - swallowing difficult = gassy (burping, bloating, etc.)Stomach - bloating + nausea - vomiting

Female reproductive system

Stress -- irregular (length + time) mentral cycles --painful periodsSexual desire -- reduce desire Pregnanacy --concieving + postartum are more difficult-- Bonding is more difficult Disease -- diseases increase

Musculoskeletal system

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- muscle tension - constantly tensed - headaches -- recovery is difficult