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Female Reproductive system - stress can cause irregular and more painful periods - Stress may reduce sexual desires - Stress can impact the likelihood of pregnancy making it harder for women who are trying. Also maternal stress can disrupt bonding time with a new baby - PMS can get worse

Respiratory system

-shortness of breath and rapid breathing- Very stressful moments can actually cause Asthma attacks - Rapid breathing or Hyperventilating can cause panic attacks

Cardiovascular System

L-can increase heart rate-increase the risk for hypertension, heart attack or stroke-inflammation


Gastrointestinal System

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- Early childhood stress can cause changes to the body including having a higher risk for gut diseases or dysfunctioning Esophagus - can cause heart burn, they get very painful and can be mistaken as a heart attack- increases burping, grassiness, and bloating of the stomach

Musculoskeletal System

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- When the body is stressed muscles tense up-Migranes are a part of muscles tension - Lots of tension in the shoulders