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Settlement in Madinah

In the month of Rabi Al-Awwal, people in Yathrib learned that rasulullah had already left Mecca to join them. They were anxiously awaiting for his arrival. Many of them had already accepted Islam. Now they were eager to meet the messenger of Allah. Every day they would go to the outskirts of the city, waiting to see the first glimpse of his arrival. On September 24th, 622 CE, after waiting all morning, the Believers were beginning to leave due to the scorching Heat. Then a Jewish person climbed a nearby palm tree and saw three individuals on the horizon. He announced "O people of Qaylah! Your man has finally arrived." [Jewish people in Yathrib referred to the people of Yathrib as Qaylah.] Everyone rushed back to welcome rasulullah. They chanted a welcome song, "tala al badru alayna...", this song is still chanted by Muslims to express their love for rasulullah.

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