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riallineamento inglese


my name is Camilla and my surname is Sacchetti, i'm 14 years old I was born in 2/2/2010, and i live in Tregozzano. I was first in school. I don't do sport but i did swimming and dancing.

my relationship with school

My school is Vittoria Colonna, my class is 1C. I've a few subject underneath, with the class mates i don't have much confidence except with two people. I get along well whit them because they understand me.


in my family we are 4, my dad, Andrea, my mom, Elisa, my sister, Alice and I. I've a dog, is name is Dako. We are always united. We tell each other everything. My dad is a carpenter, my mom is a secretary and my sister is 18 anni and she is a student in ITIS school.

my best friend

My best friend name is Ginevra, I met her in middle school but at first I disliked her. When we sat next to each other at the desk we never separated again, she helps me with everything and she also goes to the same

the end