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by sua perez

Escape room game


The misions are of :technologypast continuos environmentcleaning

you came home from school and someone calls, the call is that if you dont pass the misions of the building your family will die because they are inside.

the misions

you have to answer the questions correctly to pass the levels or your family will die.With you inside.

Find the clue you need to keep moving forward

how will technology entertainment and the environment change in the future?

personalized recommendations, AI-generated music and art, or enhanced film and video game production

the culture.

question 1/1

La base

We use past continuos to talk about something we are doing at the moment.



pregunta 2/2

La base

perfect you past this level

Find the clue you need to keep moving forward

because of the gas

because its bad for ourselfs

all the others are correct

Why smoking is bad for the world and the enviroment.

question 1/3

Family problems, romantic issues, money troubles, loneliness, workplace conflicts, career setbacks, and physical and mental health challenges

because of taking bad photos

all are incorrect

What kinds of dangers do people around the world face in their normal lives?

pregunta 2/3

solar eruption

when there ir snow falling from a mountain

when there is a lot of water on the ground.

what is an avalanche?

question 3/3

La base

organisation, cleaning


vacum cleaner



what items do we use to clean the kitchen?

question 3/3

La base

find the clue ( dirty)

vacuum cleaner




what do you use lo clean the rug?

question 1/3

La base

Misión saved

you saved the building

start again

Misión unfailed

you destroyed the base...

start again