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Wheelchair baseball


Children aged between 8 and 18 with a disability requiring the use of a wheelchair

Instructions :

  • 1st team in single file on the home plate.
  • 2nd team on the 2nd base.
I’m the 1st player, I got the ball:Put it on your knees, move to the 3 next bases and touch them with at least one of your wheelsOnce you’ve reached the right base, you’re the pitcher: send the ball to your team-mate who can then catch it and start move foward.

Learn how to pitch

Goal : Be the 1st full team to reach last base.

Objective : Teaching children to compete and cooperate as a team, move foward and rounding the bases, and throwing progressions. Reinforces their catching skills.

How to pitch properly?

Look far ahead and slightly up


Arch your elbow far back, ball behind your head


Throw the ball. Fully extend the arm like a catapult, keeping the arm stretched forward at the end of the throw.


The opposite hand is directed to aim


Grab the wheel as far back as possible and push as far forward as possible to go faster

Instructions :

  • In each team: 3 "batters" who swing and 3 "brains" who answer the questions.
  • The 3 batters take turns hitting the ball on a tee with a bat.
  • The field is divided into 4 zones:
If the ball lands in the nearest 1st zone, the "brains" have 1 attempt to answer the question using the 5 suggested answers. 2nd Zone = 2 attempts, 3rd zone = 3 attempts, etc...

Learn how to Swing

The questions concern the history of baseball and the rules of the game:- How many innings did the longest match last?- Where did baseball originate?- What's a tag out? Etc...

Goal : throw the ball as far as possible and answer as many questions as possible..

Objective : To teach children how to swing the ball properly while improving their general knowledge of baseball.

How to Swing Properly ?

1. Hold the bat with both hands2. Raise your elbows to your chin3. Hold the bat straight behind your head4. Rotate the pelvis to gain momentum5. Extend your arms with speed to hit the ball, then bring the bat back to the opposite shoulder.

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