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My invention

4. Adventages/Disadvantages
3. How i get the idea
2. The invention
1. My presentation


  • Mathieu Lafayette
  • Master 7 of matematics
  • 6 years in the NASA
  • Futur astronaute


my invention called spirill wind is composed of :

-plastic vacuum cleaner-Magnets- Sorter

A) What it is made off

My invention

Then Spirill Vaccum goes to a recycling center

Once the waste has been vacuumed up, the sorter does its work

Two magnets placed opposite each other in order to generate a magnetic force (permetting fly)

The huge vaccum cleanner sucks all the wastes in the open air (without taking people or pets)

B) How does it work :

ParisSaw the physical pollution(wastes)Decide to take off all the wastes in the worldThen create Spirill wind

How i get the idea

  • It's take a lot off place
Disadvantages :
  • Doesn't take energy
  • it's take off the wastes
Advantages :
of spirill wind