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Symbolism The U.S. flag in the shape of a handgun symbolizes and portrays the idea that the U.S. is a violent country. Because of the known fact that there are numerous deaths in the U.S., the audience is filled with logic that supports the PSA.

Compare and contrast Having thousands of more deaths because of gun violence than other countries provides the audience with the logic that it is only the U.S. that has this problem. Then, the audience will conclude that the problem is guns.

Cause and effect Mentioning how handguns killed numerous people already provide the audience with a sense of logic that these objects are dangerous, fatal things that should not be used at all.

Domain-specific vocabulary Telling the audience to "stop guns before they stop you" provides the audience with a sense of logic that they can make change; that they can also save others as well as their own lives. It also shows how dangerous guns are.