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Technology took over our lives!

I´m going to talk about yhe down sides in what internet is concerned, and the upsides of tecnhnology advancements regarding Medical Care .

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Here you can include a relevant fact to highlight

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Isolation:Excessive scren time has led to a social isoaltion which means that people have less face to face interaction.Cyberbullying:In these days online platforms have become like a play ground for bullying, causing distress amoung users.


In health aspects

Remote consultations

Virtual health care services have made medical advice more accessible, especially to those in remote areas.

Improved diagnostics

Advanced technology has enhanced diagnostic accuracy, leading to better treatment results for patients.

Research advancements

Technology has expedited medical research, speeding up the development of life-saving treatments and medicines.

Conclusion:I believe that overall technology is in our favour; futhermore it keeps evolving and it will make our lives easier and easier.Nevertheless, we have to be mindful about the dangers whwn it comesto use the internet, especially when it comes to online safety.

Sources of information:For images: Genially and pixbayFor information :Santander

-João Escaleira Nº10

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