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What to eat?

What to see?

What to do?


Basic information about the project

Diego, Domocos Ballester

Hello, my name is Diego I live in Onda and I am 11 years old and this is going to be my presentation

Last but not least, I practiced the presentation to see if it would come out, I also looked at the pronunciations of some words

The second was to move everything from Spanish to English looking for information and also checking to see if I had written it correctly

The first step in making the presentation was to look for a template in genially and remove the pages that weren't missing


What to do in China? I recommend taking a bus tour through the Great Wall of China, as well as visiting a palace or two If you don't want so many nights, you can go to urban cities like the one you see on the screen. If you have a fairly high economy, you see Happy Chinese New Year, if not in spring or autumn

What to do?

What to see in China? I recommend going to see palaces, Buddhas, urban cities, things related to religion, the Chinese wall, paisages and tours with people who know about it

What to see?

What to eat?

What to eat in China? The most typical and delicious dishes of China are: Hot PotSichuan Pork Braised Pork Balls in Sauce Shrimp with Noodles and Garlic Chinese dumplings Chow mein Peking Duck Steamed Noodle Rolls Fried Shrimp Sweet and Sour Pork Kung Pao Chicken Ma Po Tofu Wontons Spring Rolls Yangchow Fried Rice

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