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Group 9 F&A

begin iN MID 1990

Unveiling the Dark Web: Anonymity and Privacy

The surface web represents the easily accessible websites you visit daily. Below the surface lies the deep web, a vast ocean of unindexed content. Within the deep web, there's a smaller, more obscure section - the dark web.

Beyond the Surface:Deep Web vs Surface Web


  • Tor (The Onion Router)
  • Onion Routing
  • .onion addresses

accessing the dark web

Dark Web: Enter Tor

  • Entry Node
  • Relay Nodes
  • Exit Node

accessing the dark web

Layers of Protection:How Tor Works

  • Malware Mayhem: Malicious Software on the Dark Web
  • Illegal Activities & Black Markets
  • Phishing scams & Zero-day attacks

Security on the dark web is often non-existent.

"Danger Lurks, Anonymity's Shadow"

Risks and Dangers of the Dark Web

Suspicious Links? Beware the Click,Question Everything,Staying Safe

Maintaining Vigilance

Power of VPNs, Password Powerhouse,Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Essential Security Measures

Think Before You Dive,Knowledge is Power,Software Bastion

Pre-Dark Web Measures

Unless you have a specific and legitimate reason, it's best to avoid the dark web altogether.

Strategies for Dark Web Security

Venturing into the Shadow

"Your data is worth more than your money. Protect it fiercely."