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Your all-in-one solution for asset protection, accounting, and international tax.

MARÇO de 2024

More and more investors want international diversification but…

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  • Need for multiple professionals across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Costly and time-consuming solutions.
  • Bad customer service
  • Monthly tax report obligations make this an ongoing problem.
  • Unaided investors end up subject to up to 40% inheritance tax.

…dealing with asset protection, accounting, and taxes is a nightmare.

  • All you need in one single place.
  • Cost-effective, end-to-end solutions.
  • Seamless digital experience from start to finish.
  • Highly-rated customer service that speaks your language.

Astride leverages technology and automation to make it a breeze

US Companies

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- LLC - Corp - PIC (Personal Investment Company) - Trust

Financial Market

The go-to solution for asset protection, accounting and International tax




- LLC - Corp - PIC (Personal Investment Company) - Trust

-PIC (Pernonal Investment Company) -Trust

Offshore incorporation in less than 24 hours and full dashboard control

Fábio Rocha Executive VP of Engineering and Ops

Roberto Terra Brazilian Tax Partner

Roberta Collart COO

Leonardo Bessa Co-Founder and CTO

Marcel Moraes CFO

Cristina Teixeira Co-Founder and CEO

World-class team with proven execution capability

One-time payment for customized services in extraordinary events such as certificates and corporate acts.

Resales + Partners B2B: We pay 0% commission. To Strengthen Branding with your customers

One-time payment for opening company $1,200 average ticket + monthly subscription $99 average ticket

Proprietary technology and automation allows us to offer unbeatable affordable prices.

Business model & Market size!



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Strategic partnerships give us visibility and brand awareness

The largest US platform made by Brazilians for Brazilians investing in the US:

  • Ongoing and growing customer referrals with no commissions;
  • Contractually guaranteed monthly payments;
  • Co-branded activation marketing campaigns.

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Growth & Track Record!

Expertise Taz

Commissions on large-volume money remittances to buy real estate;Mortgage lead generation for local US banks;Astride banking: A credit building secured charge card; White-label solutions to transform competitors into allies.

  • Multiple potential new revenue streams:
  • A diversified customer portfolio allows us to cross-sell complementary solutions to improve the overall customer experience.

And that's just the beginning…

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Join the revolution and let's make it happen!

Cristina Teixeira CEO cristina@astride.us