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Who is 2pac ?

2Pac, born Tupac Shakur, was a highly influential American rapper, actor, and social activist. He emerged as a prominent figure in the early 1990s hip hop scene, known for his passionate lyricism addressing social issues such as racism and poverty. He wass killed in 19996 at Las Vegas.


the song talks about all of the different issues that were related to Tupac's era of influence—notably racism, police brutality, drugs and gang violence

The rapper says that until things change, nothing will ever be the same.

"I see no changes all I see is racist faces misplaced hate makes disgrace to races"

- 2Pac

  • also listened a lot in autralia and new zealand
  • this track is one of tupac's favorites



In many european country

SShort summary

The clip

An extract form our presentation

  1. Title : Changes
  2. Artist : Tupac
  3. Release year : 1992
  4. Main topic : Racism and police brutality
  5. Music Style : RAP U.S
  6. Award : Grammy Award 2000

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