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gender equality

Employee's well-being

The Premises

The employees

Company's value : employee's well-being

Chill room for relaxing, chattingMini-cinema (in the video)

Employees-only restaurant across the street

Flexibility of working schedules, remote working

Nursery for the employee's toddlers

Company's values : Gender equality

Overall gender equality score : 92/100 in 2023Includes : Wage gap, promotion rate, leaves

Ankama repsects Diversity, Inclusion and Equality, as everyone should

  • Generate experiences with your content.
  • It’s got the Wow effect. Very Wow.
  • Make sure your audience remembers the message.
  • Activate and surprise your audience.

Create a new layer with all the Genially features.

Bring it to life with an interactive window

Got an idea?

Animated Series

Video/board games


Radiant and Wakfu, available on Netflix

Dofus, One More Gate, Krosmaster Arena

Dofus (novel),Mutafukaz (comic)

Corporate Culture : The employees and affiliated people

~450 employees,400 in long-term contracts, 50 in short-term contracts.

Hard-working but dedicated : not many employees but enough to compete with bigger studios

Some are well-known :the founders, streamers...

Corporate Culture : The premises

-Spacious open spaces-Bright, with natural light- Environment that invites you to work-Unique style of decoration

← Located in Roubaix, in an old cotton weaving factory