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The customercomes first



the main philosophy

forget preconceived ideas



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The main philosophy to keep in mind is that the customer comes first, whatever the profile of the person you're addressing.

You need to create a pleasant moment, both for the visitor and for yourself. We sell emotions, and the voyage of discovery of our brands must be a sharing of emotions. We advise you to create a sense of closeness, without lapsing into familiarity: by respecting our values, you create a closeness with the customer and therefore with our brands.

Don't forget that customers with modest financial means today can become important customers in the future if the time they spend with our brands is remembered as a positive, inclusive and non-elitist experience.

Whether the customer is young or old, audiophile or simply curious, wealthy or not, you need to behave in a welcoming, pleasant and helpful way.

Forget preconceived ideas: Don't judge customers by their appearance.

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"Les espaces du FPBN mettent en avant nos valeurs et nos engagements, ainsi que la qualité et l'excellence de nos produits et de notre savoir-faire. Nous comptons sur votre collaboration et sur la conscience de votre rôle pour que chaque client vive une expérience unique."

Cedrick Boutonet,Directeur général


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