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Rosa Friezer

Rosa grew up in slavery but was hidden for most of her life so she wouldn’t have to do the work. Her parents didn’t want her to grow up doing what they had to do on a daily basis. When the slave owner found out about Rosa he ordered Sally and Issac to divorce. He made Sally bear his eldest son's children and he sent Issac overseas to another plantation that he owned. As for Rosa she was destined to be a slave for the rest of her life at his other son's plantation in New Orleans. At the age of 7 she was shipped to New Orleans and was used as a nanny for the sons 12 kids.

She grew up with all 12 kids and became more like a friend than a babysitter.

At the age of 16 the oldest son (William) asked her to marry him. She refused and she was demoted to a “factory worker”.

On her 18th birthday the plantation owner paid her a visit. He said, “I order you to move to New York and wed my son.”

So Rosa was shipped, yet again to New York and married him. They had 1 kid named Sally.

After the husband had become a famous politician, he didn’t have enough time to be a good husband or father, so he sent both Rosa and Sally to work back with his father. The father then sent Sally to work at his inherited plantation in Virginia with her grandmother. The plantation owner then sold his plantation in New Orleans (including the Slaves) and left.

This new plantation owner impregnated Rosa and they had 4 kids at the age of 25. Rosa would live out her days at this plantation and she would never have freedom.