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Important Info

Week of 3/18

What are we working on?Monday- Live ClassroomTuesday- Governments, Oil and wealth in Southwest AsiaWednesday- Tensions in Southeast AsiaThursday- Review DayFriday- Unit 9 Test **Study guide in notebook

What are we working on? We will transition this week to how to graph equations! We will look at tables and analyze graphs! Important Vocabulary for this unit: Coefficient, solution, variable, expression, equation, equivalent expressions, term, exponent, dependent variable, independent variable, coordinate plane Our Next Assessment: Assignment Monday, March 18, and Unit test Friday, March 22! Reminders: Please continue to work on i-Ready math lessons and overdue assignments! i-ready math incentives: Want to get your name on the prize wheel next week? Here's how- keep working hard on those i-Ready math lessons!

What are we working on?Monday - The Hunger Games Chs. 25-27 Close Read Tuesday - Live Classroom Wednesday - The Hunger Games Chs. 19-27 Quiz and Discussion (Study Guide in webmail and on Padlet!) Thursday - Independent Learning First Read Friday - Independent Learning Close ReadPlease remember to check your webmail and chats daily! I reached out to everyone in edio chat this week who still did not turn in their Unit 3 Project!

What are we working on?Our next topic within our Environmental Issues unit is POLLUTION. We will learn about the causes and effects of pullution and how the effects of pullution. are tracked. On Thursday, please complete the Edio lesson, as Mrs. Robinson will not be in class. On Friday, we will complete the graded STEAM activity together in class. If you cannot be there, please watch the class recording. TO BE PREPARED FOR NEXT WEEK, please collect a clear plastic container that can hold water. You can also use a bowl.. You will need water and trash. Sounds like fun, right?!

Reminders: CARETAKERS: PLEASE COMPLETE THE INTENT TO RETURN TILE IN YOUR EDIO DASHBOARD!STUDENTS: PLEASE CONTINUE DOING LESSONS IN iREADY!! Set a goal for yourself and stick with it! You can do it!3/26-4/8 CCA Mcbile Tech Works Lab is coming! Check your email to see when it's near you! 3/29 and 4/1 No school

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