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Ambassadors : why and how ?








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Sales advisors become brand ambassadors, inspiring consumers and giving them confidence in our brands and products.

Being an ambassador means first and foremost mastering the relational aspect of your job and the desire to converse with everyone.

It's only by convincing yourself that you can convince others!

It's important to inspire trust so that visitors can identify with the Focal Powered by Naim community and project themselves into the experience of our products as everyday users.

The main challenge is to transmit your personal interest in the products and topics covered.

"Our brand, Focal Powered by Naim, embodies the excellence and exacting standards of our expertise. In the service of our customers, it must guarantee a flawless brand experience. It's thanks to each and every one of you that we can offer a worldwide experience that reflects the elegance and quality of our products. Together, we are shaping the reputation of our brands.

retail operations manager

Victor Jarron

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