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See yaGame

. The game facilitator asks one discovery question. Within their small groups, each person shares their answer to that question. After every member of the group has shared their answer, the group quickly decides on the “winner” for that category. For example, the group determines the person with the most siblings, coolest socks, weirdest pet, etc. The group then says, “See ya!” to the winner, and the winner moves on to the next group (in a clockwise direction). Because the discoverythe facilitator will need to manage the time and call out when it is time to finish sharing and say “See ya!” to the winner.Once the “winners” of the round have joined their new groups, the process begins again with the facilitator asking the next discovery question.


• Who has the most siblings?

Question 1/9

• Who has eaten the strangest food? share how that happend?

Question 2/9

• Who has the most interesting hobby?

Question 3/9

• Who has the weirdest job in your family? (closed or extended family)

Question 4/9

• Who has gotten in the most trouble at school?

Question 5/9

• Who has traveled the longest distance?

Question 6/9

• Who has the most embarrassing story/experience?

Question 7/9

• Who has binge watched tv the longest time and what did yo watch?

Question 8/9

• Who has broken more bones?

Question 9/9

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