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Social media, magazines and shop windows bombard people daily with things to buy, and British consumers are buying more clothes and shoes than ever before. Online shopping means it is easy for customers to buy without thinking, while major brands offer such cheap clothes that they can be treated like disposable items – worn two or three times and then thrown away.


However, a different trend is springing up in opposition to consumerism – the 'buy nothing' trend. The trend has now reached influencers on social media who usually share posts of clothing and make-up that they recommend for people to buy. Some YouTube stars now encourage their viewers not to buy anything at all for periods as long as a year.




What other names did they mention during the interview?

What kind of boot camp did she go?

What is the name of the movie they were talking about?

What happened the first time they met?

Person 1. Imagine you are your favorite famous person. Act like him/herPerson 2. You are an interviewer. Ask questions related to his/her life.



  • What was the article about?
  • What is online shopping?
  • What is the new trend?
  • Have you ever shopped online?