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Locating the Correct Contact

3. Click on the Sales Reps Name that is underlined

2. Reference the "Account Name." Click on the contact with a Sales Teams name like Sunrun (Air/Field Sales). Please note: If there is an Address under this section, that means this is a Customers Contact and we do not want to click on that Contact.

1. Search the Sales reps name in the Search Bar

Sales Contact Details

This is the reps Sales Team for example Sunrun

  • The Sales team "Sunrun" is also referred to as....
    • "Air"
    • "Field Sales"
    • "Direct Sales"
    • "Direct Field Sales"
    • "Inside Sales"

This is the Sales Channel: Field Sales which means this is a Direct Sunrun rep

  • This Sales Team uses Salesforce like we do on Sales Support!


Notice that for Direct Sunrun reps, there is no "Log in to Experience as User" option. Note: this is because Direct Sunrun reps use Salesforce and do not have an external Portal like our Direct to Home(D2H/Street), Fusion, and Partners reps do

Verification: Step 1

To Verify: ensure the "Active Employee?" box has a black check under the General Tool Access section

Verification: Step 2

1. Hover your mouse over the Sales reps name next to the Sunrun User section

2. There should be a small pop out. Ensure the pop out does not state "Inactive." If it does not state "Inactive," the rep is active in our system and you are ok to proceed with the call, email, or text

Example of Inactive Sales rep

This is an Example of an "Inactive" Sales rep. Please note: SSD would not be able to assist this person any further and must refer them to their management for activation assistance.

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