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What is the H&M???

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Hennes & Mauritz (also known as H&M) is a Swedish multinational fashion company present in 74 markets and with more than 5000 stores. Its business model is “Fashion and quality at the best price, in a sustainable way”. In addition to its main brand, the H&M Group also owns the brands COS, Monki, Weekday, & Other Stories, Arket, Afound and Sellpy.[4]





In 1946, a young 30-year-old Swedish entrepreneur, Erling Persson, takes a car trip across the United States of America. It was in New York, inspired by local commerce, that he came up with an innovative idea to sell women's clothing in his homeland. A year later, in 1947, Persson opened a women's fashion store in Västerås, a small port town in central Sweden. He decides to call it Hennes, which in Swedish means “theirs”. The logo of this store, which would soon become famous, was designed by him himself, in a first version of the brand that only included the name Hennes. In 1952, Persson opened the first store in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, and two years later, at the opening of the second store, the brand's popularity was already visible in the queues that formed at the entrance. That same year, the Hennes brand occupied a full page with a color advertisement in Sweden's best-selling daily newspaper, a pioneering investment that demonstrates the strong belief that the company has always had in marketing strategies. The 1950s ended with yet another opening, this time of a flagship store, in one of the five emblematic skyscrapers located in Hötorget, a central area of ​​Stockholm.




Erling Persson

Erling Persson (21 January 1917 – 28 October 2002) was the founder of H&M (Hennes & Mauritz). ] He got the idea after a trip to the United States after World War II: he was impressed by the country's efficient, high-volume stores. He founded the company in Västerås, Sweden in 1947, selling women's clothing, calling it Hennes, which means "hers" in Swedish. In 1968, Persson acquired the premises and stock of a hunting equipment store in Stockholm called Mauritz Widforss. In 1982, his son Stefan Persson took over as managing director and is today chairman of the board. The Persson family owns around 47% of the company and 74% of the voting rights.




How many stores are there?

Currently the brand has more than 5000 stores around the world

There are 28 H&M stores in Portugal, the first of which opened in 2003, in the historic Grandella building, located in the center of Lisbon.




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