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Locating the Correct Contact

3. Click on the Sales Rep's Name that is underlined

1. Type the Sales reps name in the Search Bar

2. To identify the correct contact, reference the "Account Name" this is also known as the Sales Team like Direct to Home(Street)

  • To help identify this: Agents are required to ask the rep what is their first and last name and the company they work for

Sales Contact Details

This is the reps "Sales Team." SSD provides different services based on the sales team.

  • The Sales team "Direct to Home" is also known as "Street" or "D2H"
    • You could hear all 3 being used

Verification Steps

2. If (Log in to Experience as User) is present in the drop down list, we know that the sales rep is active in our system and the verification process can end there.

1. Click on the drop down "Manage External User"

This is how we can "impersonate" the Sales rep by logging in to their portal/tools. Direct to Home (Street) and Fusion reps use Sunrun One to manage their customer projects/pipeline and we can log in as them to better assist the reps.

Verification: Extra Step(s)

1. Extra step (NOT required) is to click on "View Partner User"

Verification: Extra Step(s)

2. Make note that the "Active" checkbox has a black check

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