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Olivia Rodrigo

Maria Rosa 9ºB


A little about Olivia Rodrigo...

  • pop singer and actress
  • She was born on February 20th, 2003
  • 21 years
  • She is American. She was born in Temecula, California, United States.


  • Talented: her musical abilities as a singer, songwriter, and actress;
  • Authentic;
  • Passionate: Her emotional performances and powerful;
  • Empathetic: Some of her songs touch on themes of heartbreak and self-discovery... (among others)
  • Creative: Writing and performing music show her creativity and artistic expression.
  • Confident: she start her career so young;
  • Adaptable: Balancing music, acting, and public appearances requires flexibility and adaptability.
  • Resilient: Dealing with fame at a young age suggests a resilience to challenges.
  • Inspiring;


  • Music: music content such as singles, albums, music videos, and lyric videos
  • Social Media: She shares updates, behind-the-scenes, and personal moments on her social media platforms like Instagram.
  • Acting: Rodrigo appears in television shows and films;
  • Live Performances: Rodrigo shares content from her live performances;
  • Collaborations: Rodrigo collaborates with other artists, creators, and brands, resulting in various types of content such as music collaborations.

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