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Course Specific Professional Development

All led by a certified math teacher with 10 years of teaching experience!

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Cross-curricular Instruction

AcceleratED Students

Course Implementation

1:1 Coaching throughout the School Year

Robust Resource Bank

Allow AcceleratED to spearhead the realization of your district's vision for supporting hyper-accelerated students with a proven, robust program model that guarantees ongoing enrichment. Our emphasis lies in fostering conceptual understanding and empowering accelerated learners to innovate within their learning frameworks.


Cross-Curricular Instruction

At AcceleratED, we're all about turning math class into an adventure! That's why we're here to coach teachers on the exciting benefits of cross-curricular instruction. Imagine exploring the mysteries of math while uncovering secrets from science, history, and even literature! Our team will show you how to spice up your lessons with epic quests, daring experiments, and collaborative projects that'll have your students begging for more. Say goodbye to boring textbooks and hello to a world where math comes alive in the most unexpected ways. Let's make learning a thrilling journey together!

Introducing AcceleratED Consulting, your partner in advancing math education. At AcceleratED, we offer comprehensive professional development services tailored specifically for math teachers, providing resources, collaboration opportunities, and subject-specific training to support their growth. Our approach embraces technology and focuses on promoting conceptual understanding while catering to the diverse needs of learners. Additionally, we provide virtual math professional development, connecting teachers nationwide to share resources and insights. Join us in accelerating math education and empowering teachers to excel on a national scale.

  • 1:1 Virtual Coaching
  • Quarterly Check-in's
  • M-F Email Accessibility
  • M-F Phone Accessibility

Questions on the inevitable? Circumstances differing? Fear not, for we're here for all of it. Together, we'll brainstorm and conquer any obstacles in our path. Moreover, we're committed to guiding teachers toward opportunities to enhance their practice. After all, isn't that what coaches are for?Remember, this is coaching from a teacher who has actually walked this walk.


Robust Bank

With acceleratED, our staff gains access to a dynamic online resources bank that continually expands. From comprehensive lesson outlines to interactive math tools and engaging instructional videos, our platform equips educators with the tools they need to deliver enriched learning experiences tailored to the needs of hyper-accelerated students. Join us in harnessing the power of ongoing resource growth to elevate mathematics education to new heights.


In education, starting with our top learners sets the standard for excellence and ensures no student is left behind. By tailoring programs to challenge and engage our most advanced students, we establish a strong foundation for learning that benefits all. From this pinnacle of achievement, we scaffold down, providing support and enrichment to students at every level of ability. This approach not only maximizes the potential of our top learners but also fosters a culture of inclusivity and continuous improvement, driving success for all students across the board.

Professional Development

As a former teacher, I understand the frustration of attending one-size-fits-all professional development sessions that often seemed disconnected from the unique needs of mathematics education. With AcceleratED consulting, we offer department-wide professional development tailored specifically to math educators. What sets us apart is our flexibility: not only do we provide comprehensive training for entire departments, but we also offer the option for course-specific sessions, ensuring that educators receive targeted support that directly enhances their teaching practice in mathematics.


In today's fast-paced world, staying ahead means embracing technology in every aspect of education. While a graphing calculator is undoubtedly a valuable tool, we recognize the need to expand our students' horizons by leveraging the vast world of technology at their fingertips. By integrating innovative digital tools and resources into our math curriculum, we empower students to explore, create, and problem-solve in ways never before possible. Let's seize the opportunity to revolutionize math education by embracing the limitless potential of technology for learning and growth.

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Data Driven

In the first year of launching our online math program we saw that our 85% of our students had a growth percentile of 85%. That is huge! We are changing the vantage point and motivated to make math something students love, okay maybe just something they hate a little bit less. Our model is proven, and we expect the best results.