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Review of Digital Portfolio 8

Kamryn Kirkwood



Favorite activity

I think my favorite activite was...

  • Kami
  • Google drive
  • Canva
  • School website
  • Google sites
  • Kami
  • Google drive
  • Canva
  • School website
  • Google sites

5 things we learned about technology

Four things we learned through career exploration

  1. It takes 4 years of collage to get a bachelor's degree
  2. The longer you go to collage the more money you can make
  3. Most jobs require a bachelor's degree
  4. Some states or areas have higher wages than others for jobs in an occupation.

Biggest challenge in this class

The biggest challenge in this class was the career reserch project because you had to think and find lots of research

Here is some advice for next quarter 8th graders

  • Use your time wisely
  • Dont fall behind
  • Have your computer charged and ready to go
  • Genial
  • Google


Thank you!