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Presented by Afonso Vieira

oral presentation

Antônia Melo da Silva is a Brazilian activist who fights for the causes of human rights and environmental conservation.

Antônia Melo

  • Deforestation;
  • Climate Change ;
  • Indigenous Rights;
  • Solutions and Alternatives;

Causes she speaks about

  • Love for the Amazon: Melo has a profound love and appreciation for the Amazon rainforest;
  • Frustration with Injustice:Her frustration comes because the injustices against the Amazon and its inhabitants, including land grabs, violence, and environmental destruction driven by profit-seeking interests.

Her motivations

  • Public Speaking Engagements;
  • Media Interviews;
  • Social Media;

WHat She does to get her messages across

  • Cancellation of Mega-Projects;
  • Local Empowerment;
  • Cross-Cultural Exchange;

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