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verbal irony

cause & effect



It is widley known that guns have become more harmful within society, especially america, but people are either unaware or choose to ignore this fact. The speaker stating this problem allows the reader to focus in on how big of an issue this is.

"god bless america" Which is usually said to praising America and all the workweve done for it. The speaker is mocking, ironically saying this, why bless america if we are having so many tragic deaths because of lack of logical laws?

becasue the goverment is lacking logical gun laws and have yet to put many gun laws in place(cause) society is now suffering these massive shootings and deaths (effect)

The flag american flag is supposed to be a symbol of union, but its put on a gun, which ironically is what actually divides are country instead of unifying it. This illustration shows the impact guns have had and how it is dividing us

by stating the # of deaths due to gun violence, it unwraps the enormity of the situation and the logic behind why gun violence is a rising topic within the US since it has more gun deaths then all the countries alone.