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Data: The ad claims that last year, handguns have killed many people in different countries and provide specific data. By providing data, the viewers may be shocked which can cause this ad to have a deeper and longer lasting effect on viewers.

Illustration:this ad includes a illustration of a gun colored in red, white and blue. This is ironic since they are patriotic colors,but guns and violence are what divide our country, not bring it together, which can have a greater impact on viewers.

Cause and Effect: the ad states that people should "stop handguns before they stop you". The cause is the handguns being irresponsibly sold and the effect is the deaths caused by the misuse of them.

Verbal Irony: "God bless America" is a statement usually said to represent he unity and patriotism of the US and what we have accomplished. The speaker is mocking our country by arguing "why bless our country when lives are lost due to our laws".