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Review grammar

S+ verb to be + going to + verb bf + complem

S + verb to be + not + going to + verb bf + complem

Verb to be + S + going to + verb bf + complem+?



Honeymoon in Brazil

Holidays in Thailand

On my next holiday, I’m going to Thailand. I’m going to buy my plane tickets tomorrow.I’m pretty sure I’m going to fly into Bangkok on the 5th of April, and I’m going to stay in a hotel in the city center. I’m going to visit all the important sights, and I’m going to spend some time at the beach. love Thai food, so I’m going to eat a lot of delicious noodles and more. After two weeks, on the 19th of April, I’m going to fly home. It’s going to be an exciting trip!

Susie’s going to get married next summer. She’s going to have the ceremony in the church in her mother’s town.After the wedding, she and her husband are going to have dinner with all their friends and family, and the next day they’re going to leave on their honeymoon.They’re going to Brazil. They’re going to spend 5 days in Rio de Janeiro, and 4 days in Sao Paolo. They’ve never been to Brazil before, so they’re looking forward to the trip.After they get home, they’re going to start looking for a house to buy.Susie has a lot of plans for married life, too. She wants kids: they’re going to have two kids. And she’s going to send them to the best private schools.They’re going to be very happy together.


Also “among” is used to refer to something or someone who stands out in a group:

We already looked at some of the most common uses of “among” and “between” however, you can also use both to explain instructions. In this case, the “among” is more similar to the “por entre” in Spanish. And the “between” continues as “between”.

“BETWEEN” when it comes to being between two things and “AMONG” for more than two.

“I forgot a pair of socks among the shirts I put on the washing machine”

“Daniel was among the rivers. That’s why he’s so wet!”

“Between” can also be used when talking about items or people individually, even if there are more than two in the relationship.

“Our house is between the supermarket and the drugstore”

“Daniel was between the rivers. That’s why he’s not wet at all!”

What’s that for?