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Creating 'Meeting-Ready' Leads



How do we work?

Quality over Quantity is Key


Outreach is Dead?

Lead Generation is tough! On average each c-suite or director/level professional will be pitched to around 50 times a day through LinkedIn and Email.So outreach is dead?In short, no. Blind outreach is dead.Out of those 50 pieces of outreach

  • 90% will be off target
  • 99% will not be personalised
  • 60% will be through 1 single channel
This tells us that, in order to bring in 10-20 sales qualified leads per month through outreach, we need to personalise our outreach, enrich our database and target through multiple channels.This will put us in the top 1% who actually get success.This is the approach we take at Traction.

Outreach is Dead?

You might have heard of the "Total Addressable Market" aka your TAM.We refer to this as the "universe of companies", anyone that could possibly buy from us. Every other "lead generator" is sending the same generic outreach message to that audience.Today, buyers have an overwhelming amount of information. Blogs, videos, LinkedIn posts, TikToks, podcasts. You name it! They already know about what problem they need to solve and they can research at any time who is going to help them solve it the best. Why would they need to be interrupted by a sales rep solicitation? The new method to doing this is by leveraging data to find companies that fit your perfect template of the situation past customers have been in. Your Golden Ideal Customer Persona (Golden ICP.)Your perfect template could include reaching out to the VP of Marketing at companies with 50-100 employees who are hiring for a graphic designer and mention "wholesale" on their website. The problem is that there isn't a single database that has all of this information accurately. Just like your business, these data companies must specialise at only a couple things in order to keep gaining market share. Here at Traction, we have access to over 20+ databases that we can cross reference when researching and building a list of your Ideal Customer Profile. That way we can leverage the data to reach out to prospects with laser accuracy, and it also empowers WHAT we can say to them.

Quality over Quantity is Key

Most lead generators operate on a retainer model. We pay you £2k-5k to generate x amount of leads per month. It might work for a short time but eventually it falls off. At Traction, we operate differently. We operate on a Pay per Lead basis.You only pay when we drive leads. It's that simple.How do we setup an agreed payment plan?We discuss your deal-size and amount of deals per month, from this we work out a fair comission for each lead that is driven. Once we have set this up, we link our tools into your CRM database so that when we drive an interested lead, it drops straight into your pipeline for your sales team to fight over.Each month we review our progress and we send our invoices out quarterly. We have a strict policy on what depicts a Sales Qualified Lead and what doesn't.

How do we work?

  • You have a 1-time setup fee of £999
  • This fee is for the costs to setup the list building, data and the time to setup messaging and meet with your team.
  • All reoccuring platform subscriptions are left with your organisation. Typically, the average fee will be £85pm.
  • Lead comission is typically 5-10% of the annual deal size (ARR) this will be outlined on email after we chat
  • Please note that invoices for comissions are sent weekly and must be paid within 3 business days or campaigns will draw to a halt. We haven't had any issues before but it's important for us to safe guard on our end.

What other fees are involved?

Client Market: Commercial PropertyCompanies targetted: 400SQLs created: 22Pipeline value created: £200kCampaign Length: 3 months

Client Market: MediaCompanies targetted: 400SQLs created: 26Pipeline value created: £60kCampaign Length: 1 months

Client Market: SustainabilityCompanies targetted: 2000SQLs created: 25Pipeline value created: £120kCampaign Length: 2 months

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