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The News 15 March 2024 - St Bede's

Dear Parents,St Bede's Girls have excelled this week in the Da Vinci Decathlon. Also strong participation in the Schola 50th Anniversary celebrations, Mozart's requiem as well as the schola dinner. The sixth form were so grateful to all the delegates and guests at the Higher Education conference.Year 12s enjoyed Parents weekend and the chance to introduce Parents to their teachers.The year 11s have been having one to ones with their Head of Year and the Deputy Head Academic to discuss their revision programmes for the Easter Holidays and discuss how they will approach the next ten weeks.Year 10s have had relationship and friendship workshops in House an with Mrs Carter.Year 9 have enjoyed preparing for House Singing with Lucy in charge. Wishing you all a peaceful and prayerful week ahead.

Cultural and Diversity Week enjoyed by all. Mathilde made Fondu, Antonina made Polish apple cake with the year 9s and Olga from the Learning Support Hub , Amber made some Mandazis

It may not be the Moulin Rouge, but frolicking and fun was had by all, at the theatre party in our very own Windmill...

Higher Education ConferenceYear 13 Monitors selflessly looking after guests and delegates. An eclectic mix of speakers talking ona range of careers and professions, and answering interesting questions with honesty and the clarity of experience.

Year 13 Girls, preparing for their House Singing

Bede's Girls excelling at the Da Vinci Decathlon.Kiki leads the way solving some challenging problems with her usual aplomb.

Schola Dinner on Thrsday Evening

Clemmie, Margaret, Victoria Pena, Emma Barrett and Steph Okojie enjoyed the aesthetic delights of a well deserved Schola celebration this week. Thanks to Mr Edward Seymour and his amazing team.

Schola Cantorum 50 Year Celebration.

House Netball won by Bede's due to the valiant efforts of the Inters and the Triumphant Seniors.

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