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Unit 5 : G'day, mate !

Key question: How do British and Aboriginal cultures impact Australia today?Axe : le passé dans le présent



What do you know about Australia (location, language, sports ...)? In pairs, brainstorm and be ready to share.


British traces

a. Look at the pictures. What can you guess about Australia's relationship with the UK? Explain how these two nations are linked together.b. What did you already know? What have you learned? What do you find more surprising?

--> I didn't know that...--> I was aware that ... but I had no clue that ...--> What strikes me the most is...

Wet and Dry, Aboriginal painting representing the Dreamtime.

Wet and Dry, Aboriginal painting representing the Dreamtime.


Please don't climb Uluru.


Vesna Rozman, Too Young to Hide, 2017.


Describe. Make hypotheses: what is the story being told here?

The Stolen Generation

Video : 10th anniversary since the Apology to the Stolen Generations (2018)

Watch and take notes : - Who is Kevin Rudd? What did he do? Why? When?The Stolen Generation :Who? Where? When? What?

Compare the two images.--> In the first picture ... while in the second picture...--> It looks as if ..... It seems that...