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in Italy, venice


On the streets, it is common to see people wearing masks of all types, colors and sizes, one more beautiful than the other, as well as costumes that remember those worn by nobles.

The Venice Carnival is an annual festival held in Venice, Italy, famous throughout the world for its elaborate costumes and masks.

The tradition

Until it was abolished in 1797. The tradition was revived in 1979.

in a document written by Doge Vitale, a son of nobles, one of the most influential families in Italy, he decreed that before Lent people could have fun as equals, without worrying about status or social position using masks.


Carnival has its origins in the Middle Ages 1094, existing for several centuries,


The costumes are period clothing from the Venetian 18th century, as if they had just come out of a painting. Here you have an example of the tradition:

During the 10 days it lasts, people dress up and go out on the streets to walk and take photos, whether in organized or improvised parades.

How do they celebrate?

As is typical of Venice: boats and small rivers, it is normal for many parades to take place on small boats throughout the festival. This is one of the biggest strengths of tourism at this time of year.



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