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Woke up this morning, and got yourself in over your head


You are a young man who has dropped out of school due to a bad work ethic and the mindset that the only real way to make it in this world is through "the game" (crime). Your parents completely dissaprove of all of your aspirations but you do not care and continue to follow clues that lead you into the world of organized crime.You get in contact with your uncle who not many other family members talk to except for you and he offers you to do some work for his friend Paulie Gaultierie. He explains that this is a good way to make your way up in the family and eventually become a "Made Guy". He gives you his contact number and you give him a call.Paulie explains that once you are in this life, there is no turning back. You have burned all of your bridges at this point and do not care about the consequences.

The INnocent man

Absolutely, lemme talk to the big man

Actually, I have to give it some thought

Yea I'm Ready, whats my first job?

"Heh Heh, so kid your uncle tells me you want in on this thing of ours, this stuff ain't for the pure of heart you know, so I need to know how far you are willing to go for this family?

Go to the bakery

"Alright kid heres what your going to do... The italian american heritage festival is coming to bloomfield this year and I volunteered to be the organizer for all of it, I'm going to need you to go down to bovellas and pick up a bunch of pastrys, ya know the good stuff heh heh, Johnny the owner is a good friend of ours, he'll set you up nice, no charge"if anyone gives you a problem, give them a good smack and say Compliments of Paulie walnuts, we're serious about this shit, the community needs to know how important the Italian Americans are in this neighborhood, tonys grandfather was a stone mason in newark for christ sake, we built all of this...don't let us down...

The first mission

Start taking notes as you know this might not be for you, but your information can be valuable

take tony's "seed money" and buy yourself some new clothes to fit in

Go home and steal from your family, per tony's request

Steal the pastrys

politely leaveyou dont want to have any witnesses

You get to Bovellas and pull out the list that Paulie gave you and you hand it to the the man at the cashier"We don't want to get involved with you people" says the baker"we don't like you sopranos and if you ever show your face around here again we'll give you a good crack in the head""Jesus all of you are the same, you use fear and intimidation to get what you want, but not here, if you have something to say tough guy say it now"

A trip to the bakery

start beating up the baker

Steal thegoods

Be a good son and quit the game

You make your way back to your parents how to steal money and jewelry per the request of tony, you know that if you succeed wit this task it will be a big mile stone and tony will take you into heavy consideration of who he wants to make a made guy...You find the safe where your parents keep all of their valuables but you start to contemplate if you are doing the right think. You know that if you do this, you will enter the life that you have always desired, however if you don't do this you know that there is chance that Tony and the crew will whack you and your entire family, the mental ultimatum is tough....After observing all of the valuables you take into consideration what this would mean and how you would earn the respect of the sopranos but also how this would be the end of your relationship with your entire family and it would put them into financial ruin

Making your way home

use your moral compass, inform the FBI

You enter the clothing store and talk to the store attendant, you tell him that you are an associate of Tony Soprano"OHHHH THERE HE IS, WELCOME! Any friend of tony's is a friend of ours and I promise that we're going to take care you. Nothing but the best for you my friend.The attendent pulls out a bunch of Armani suits each worth thousands of dollars. You have never had suits as expensive like this in your life and your enjoying yourself in all of the luxury but your conscious is telling you that this might all be too good to be true and all of these relationships might not only be out tony and the community but also out of threats.

The clothing store

Take the information of the store to the authoritys

Be greedy and take the suit, and give tonys best

Call it quits and reject the offer

You bring Paulie The Pastrys to the eventYou notice a bunch of food vendors, rides, church goers, and itlain flag decorations everywhere"HEH HEH HEH, THERE HE IS. OH MARONE look at all of these! You done good kid, the skip will be very impressed. I'll tell ya this whole event has been going on for decades and it means a lot to us as a culture (personally under represented in my opinion) so the fact that we can throw this thing and hundreds of people actually show up is just a testament to how much we italians mean to each other here in north jerseyNot only does this event mean a lot to me, but it means a lot to my mother, we try to keep the event the same every year so we can remind ourselves of the good old days and how much tradition has kept our community afloat

The festival


"OHHHH there they are, speaking of my ma""Kid this is my ma and tony's uncle june, they're the top people in my life"Paulies mom-"Paulies such a good boy, he always takes care of me and this festival, uhhhh it never changed thanks to him"June- "Yea well let's just see how long that will last until those development jerks start changing everything""Back to what I was saying kid, the festival, the pastries, the vendor, and all of the work we put into this festival, we do it to honor our relatives who have grown up on this shit and who have kept our heritage and traditions alive all this time, it's the least we can do if you get what I mean""Anywho, go to satriales, the skip wants to have a word""f

Meet the family


After giving it a lot of thought and realizing that Tony and the crew want you start doing very dangerous acts at a very fast pace in your career in the mafia, you take it upon yourself to become the official rat (informant) to the FBI. You realize that in the mafia all that glitters is not gold and this life is really not worth it. While you may make a ton of money and have a lot of strong business connections you decide that you can play it safe under witness protection and be rewarded from the FBI rather then be a pawn in the dangerous game of the Soprano familyThe FBI has informed you that you will have the highest level of protection and will ensure you that the soprano family cannot harm you, if you cooperate they me even offer you a position at the bureau. This sounds more enticing then anything the sopranos had you doing

The contemplation


After seeing everything such as tons of money, expensive alcohol, luxury goods, cool nightclubs, and more action then you could have ever expected to experience, you know that it all comes at a cost. And the cost is murder and making others feel terrible. You know that everything comes in life at a price and that's just the way the world works no matter how hard you try to deny it. While you still have this urge to remain in the game you know that it can only end with death and sorrow, the hardships heavily outweigh the rewardsYou know the sopranos have this "outside reputation" to the community as being these knights in shining armor so if you told any of the locals, they wouldn't believe you and might even relay what you said back to tony and the gang who then might think you to be a rat.Your only option at this point is to burn all bridges and start a new life

The moment of realization


Tony Invites you into satriales, he says that he's been meaning to talk to you"you want anything, a soda, sandwich, the mortadel here is to die for?""Anyway lets get down to business, I asked you to come here today because I want to let you know that all of your actions recently and assignments for the family haven't been going noticed and I want to let you know that we truly appreciate and care for you kid" "you show respect, and that's important in family, but more importantly you make the sacrifices that most kids at your age would not want to do, that's the one thing about us italians, we look out for one another, and I want to let you know, this isn't just some social club, this is a family and we bleed for each other""Like I said early, I see a younger me in you, and look how I turned out, gives you something to strive for heh heh, I guess what I'm trying to say is good job kid and we'll be in contact with you more in the future>

Finally earning the Respect


After dealing with all of the requests of the soprano family you determine that the this life really isn't for you. You know that you can turn yourself into the authority but they will not praise your information as much as you think and instead might even RICO case you. You also know that the Sopranos will find out if you told anyone of their inner circle of crime and do not want to risk anything.You decide that the best case of action is to literally run away from it all and leave everyone and everything that once gave you joy. You change your identity and live off the grid in order to survive a world where the Sopranos may be on the hunt for you.

Well done!

You Escaped!!


All of the work you have done has been greatly appreciated by the soprano family, they now consider you a member of their family and have told you that they will take care of you through thick and thin. Due to that fact, you have severed all ties with your family because you know that it is the sacrifice that you have to make in order to continue to pursue this kind of life.You understand that this life comes with lots of risks but you feel at ease due to the way that tony has treated you like a son and the rest of his capos like your brothers.


ohhhh look at this guy!!!

This is life now....

Over a several month long period you start to go over everything that you have learned during your time in The Soprano Family and use it to help the FBI establish a RICO case to put and end to organized crime in north jersey. While you may have not got the life you always wanted as a mobster you actually are more happy working in the government that you can ever hoped.Eventually you start to make friends with your coworkers in the FBI who treat with just as much respect and kindness that your old soprano family was giving you. You realize that you don't always have to rely on criminals to get a family.


A professional Rat

The Fbi's new best friend

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