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The adventures of tom sawyer

J.reis D.stolarski

The adventures of Tom Sawyer was made in 1938 by the director and producer Norman Taurog. It’s based on the book the adventures of Tom Sawyer by the writer Mark Twain.

about the film

The characters of the movie are Tom Sawyer, aunt Polly, Huckellbery Finn, Becky Thatcher and injun joe. It’s a type of novel and its genre is adventure. The book is based on the adventures of Tom sawyer around the missisipi river.

the characters

The movie starts off with Tom sawyer, a normal kid and his friend huckellbery finn. Then A new person comes to town Becky Tatcher, they quickly fall in love. One night Tom And Huck are in the cemetery where they hide because the see the villan in the movie Injun Joe kill a villager, then injun Joe tell and old person called muff (he was blind), that he killed him. Later tom tells the truth the he had seen injun joe kill the villager. And because of telling the truth the class has trip to the caverns where tom and becky get lost, they find Injun Joe’s secret tresure but they also meet him and after a few scary moments tom kills Injun joe and they escape the cavern.


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