Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


Add a characteristic here. (For instance, consider the age range of the intended audience.) Ages 12-24, the image of the young girl of that age using words like I and you, makes this effective to people of this age group. It can be for educators too.

(For instance, consider where the intended audience falls on political spectrum.) Liberals or progressives. Because it talks about ethics and animal rights, something that the liberals/progressives might have interest in and might fight for a change.

(For instance, consider the level of education of the intended audience.) Assuming that dissection would take place in a wealthy school able to afford these animals and tools, the level of education is at least mediocre but can range to be high.

(For instance, consider the average income level of the intended audience.) Since this is mostly intended for students, the average income levels will probably be low since these young students either make minimum wage or no money.