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Project Work

Gifts exchanged, in tokens sweet, Love's embrace, oh, so complete. Cherished moments, forever stay, In the arms of love, we'll sway. Though the day may soon depart, Love's essence lingers in the heart. For every beat, a love's decree, Valentine's Day, eternally free.

João Dias

Valentine’s Day

In the month of hearts, love's sweet refrain,Valentine's Day brings joy again.Roses bloom with crimson hue, Whispers of love, old and new. Hand in hand, two hearts entwine,A love so pure, so divine. On this day, let feelings soar, In every gesture, love adore.

1. How do you maintain your fitness? 2. What foods do you include in your diet to have the perfect figure? 3. How do you choose your own style? 4. How do you control your emotions at shows and photo shoots? 5. How did you get your fame?

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The Humans Rights

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This term I would like to have a better grade than i did in the last term, for that I need to dedicate myself more in classes.