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3 celebrities who help the world



In this work we will talk about 3 celebrities who help the world. Celebrities are Tony Carreira, Rui Nabeiro and Mr Beast.



Tony Carreira

Rui Nabeiro

Mr. Beast

What did they do to help the world?

Tony Carreira

Rui Nabeiro


Mr beast (James Stephen "Jimmy" Donaldson) was born on May 7, 1998 and is a YouTuber with more than 240 million subscribers and is the individual with the most subscribers on YouTube.
Born on March 28, 1931 and died on March 19, 2023.He was president of the Rio Maior City Council.The awards he received were Commander of the Order of Infante Dom Henrique, Commander of the Order of Business Merit and doctor honoris causa from the University of Coimbra
He created an institution after the death of his daughter Sara that aims to help students with good grades who have no chance of going to university.

In 2007, the Alice Nabeiro Educational Center was opened to respond to the extra-school needs of children in Campo Maior. With the sponsorship of Delta, the University of Évora created, in 2009, the Rui Nabeiro Chair, aimed at promoting research, teaching and scientific dissemination in the area of ​​biodiversity

Rui Nabeiro helped many people find jobs in his company. He also helped the people of his land and the people who also helped him.

Tony Carreira (António Manuel Mateus Antunes) was born on December 30, 1963. The stage name Tony Carreira was chosen in 1988, in a studio recording session for his first album, by his producer, Frenchman Patrick Oliver.He had three famous singer children, Mickael Carreira, David Carreira and Sara Carreira.

Mr beast, in addition to being a great YouTuber, he makes videos doing good deeds, for example, he rescued 100 dogs that were going to be slaughtered and opened a warehouse for anyone who wanted to be able to rescue the dogs for free, and to some of these people he gave 10,000 dollars and to the employees he gave 100,000 dollars (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOKASgtr6kU)He also built 100 water wells in Africa (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwKJfNYwvm8) and does challenges with friends and strangers for money and Lamborghinis.