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Environmental Problems

Work by: Bárbara Silva ; Nº5 ; Class: 11ºG

The environment is a set of physical, biological and chemical factors that sustain living beings. It is also considered to be a set of conditions that help shelter the life of all beings.

What is the environment?

Planet Earth is being destroyed by human beings

Human beings are influencing their environment, making the planet more polluted. This pollution will have horrible consequences for Planet Earth, and unfortunately these problems are happening as quickly as possible.

Types of consequences:

One of the consequences is water and soil pollution. The causes of soil pollution are the exploitation of natural resources and economic activities, such as farming.

One of the consequences is irregular waste disposal. This lack of irresponsibility occurs when waste such as plastic, paper, glass, metals and other materials are disposed of incorrectly in inappropriate places, such as by throwing garbage on the ground.

One of the consequences is the loss of biodiversity. Biodiversity loss is the term for the decrease or disappearance of biological diversity, for example, the loss of living beings inhabiting Planet Earth.

Thank you for listening so far, but we have to pay attention to our environment, because otherwise we'll suffer the consequences