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Library PresentationEnglish 101


Utilizing library resources is paramount for your academic success. Libraries offer a curated collection of trustworthy sources, from scholarly journals and ebooks to databases brimming with credible information. This ensures your research is built on a strong foundation of fact-checked and reliable evidence. Beyond the quality of information, libraries provide access to materials you might not be able to afford or find elsewhere, empowering you to delve deeper into your studies and craft exceptional academic work.

One SearchTopic GuidesDatabases

Where to find resources

Primary Source DatabasesOnline Archives

Primary Sources

Questions to Ask Yourself
Things to Look For
  • How does the website look and feel? Does it look professional to you?
  • Is there an “About Us” page, or information about the author or organization?
  • Are there links to other sources on the page, and are they trustworthy?
  • Can the information you found be verified elsewhere?
  • Is there a clear sign of Bias?
  • Author and publication information is readily available.
  • The information is backed by verifiable sources.
  • The writing is well-edited, with no obvious errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation.
  • Websites should be from .gov, .edu, or .org domains.

Evaluating Sources

The Research Process

finding databases

Choosing the right database is essential to finding the sources that will be most beneficial to you.

Advanced searches

Advanced search techniques allow you to leverage subject terminology for highly targeted results.


Subject terms find relevant resources quickly and accurately by using a consistent search language.

Researching your topic

Go to Credo and find the word map for "French Revolution". Pick at least one additional subject term and do an advanced search in JSTOR. Give me the MLA citation of a journal article based on your topic.


List the boxes you must fill out to make an appointment with a librarian.

Appointment with a Librarian

Find a topic guide that is classified as "Reference Help".

Topic Guides

Find the call number for the book "Clues from Killers: Serial Murders and Crime Scene Messages".

Library Catalog

Library website activity