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Ninja QUIZExcerpt from The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: “Search for Mr. Hyde”

Question 1/5

How does the author emphasize Dr. Jekyll’s trust in Mr. Hyde?

by having Poole state that the staff has orders to obey Mr. Hyde

by implying that Mr. Hyde is a trusted relative of Poole

by describing the appearance of the visitor to Dr. Jekyll’s home

Question 2/5

Based on paragraph 5, how does Mr. Utterson’s current opinion of the room differ from his previous visit?

He finds the room to be disturbing.

He dislikes the furnishings in the room.

He wishes to sit and leisurely enjoy the room.

Question 3/5

How does the description of the setting in the first paragraph foreshadow Mr. Utterson’s perspective during his visit?

The usual comfort of the home is overshadowed by the darkness.

The former wealth is hidden by the decay and loneliness of the street.

The condition of the houses causes distress to those who visit.

Question 4/5

How do Utterson’s and Poole’s views of Mr. Hyde differ in the text?

Poole sees him as trustworthy, while Utterson sees him as mysterious.

Utterson sees him as amusing, while Poole sees him as annoying

Utterson sees him as generous, while Poole sees him as evil.

Question 5/5

How does Poole’s perspective differ from Mr. Utterson’s in regard to Mr.Hyde?

Poole respects Mr. Hyde, but Mr. Utterson is suspicious of him.

Poole is annoyed by Mr. Hyde, but Mr. Utterson respects him

Poole idolizes Mr. Hyde, but Mr. Utterson is afraid of him.



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