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English presentation

My mobile phone and I

In my opinion, mobile phones were a great invention.They are an easy and fast way to communicate, helping to stay connected with friends and family.They can also help us acessing information, or just be really entertaining tool.

How do I feel about my phone and do I think that mobile phones invention was useful?

Are there disadvantages in using a mobile phone? Which?

Even tough mobile phones offer numerous benefits, there are still some disadvantages. Excessive use can lead to addiction and negatively impact our mental and physical healt. Additionally, over use can make us distract from the present face to face interactions.

My mobile phone has completely changed the way I live my daily life. Whit him, I can staying organized with calendars and search for whatever i need in the internet, it has become an must needed device. I use it for everything from communication (calls, texts, emails) to entertainment (music, videos, games) and even productivity (school-related tasks, note-taking, etc.).

I´m sure that mobile phone has changed my life and other peoples lives and heres why:

How did my mobile phone change my life? What do I use it for?

Do I think mobile phones should be banned from school? Give reasons.

‘Personally, I believe mobile phones should not be banned from schools but regulated. While they can be distracting in the classroom, they also offer educational resources and others. By teaching students how to properly use them and control the phone usage during school hours, we can keep the benefits while minimizing distractions.

It's difficult to imagine living without my mobile phone for a week. I would feel disconnected from the world around me and likely struggle to stay organized and informed overall, it would also be boring.

Can you imagine living a whole week without your mobile? What would it be like?

In the future, mobile phones will continue to evolve and improve in technology becoming even more important in our daily lives. From artificial intelligence, better connectivity, perfect integration with smart home devices and more. They will be used for tasks we can't even imagine today.

What will mobile phones be like in the future? What will they be used for?

In conclusion, my mobile phone is not just a device, but an integral part of my life. While it has its disadvantages, the benefits far more significant, and I have good expectations about how mobile technology will continue to perform in our future.