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What`s the best job? A flight attendant is an assistant on an airplane whose job it is to ensure the passenger's well-being, comfort, what to do in the event of an emergency, among other things. A flight attendant is usually between 20 and 35 years old. A flight attendant earns around 11,030€ per month in Portugal.


  • Travel to different parts of the world and get to know new cultures;
  • Receive a good salary;
  • Discounts on personal travel and hotel stays;
  • Life and health insurance;
  • Meet and work with different people.


  • The hours are irregular;
  • This job involves long working hours and frequent time zone changes which can affect sleep, well-being and health;
  • They have to deal with emergency situations and deal with difficult passengers, which can be stressful;
  • They are away from family and friends;
  • They cannot have visible tattoos and piercings.